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Apartment Communities

Extensive experience recovering debt from multi-unit rental properties. We understand the challenges of high tenant turnover.

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Single-Family Rentals

Adept at tracking down past-due tenants across houses, condos, and townhomes. Persistent efforts to recover your owed rent.

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Student Housing

Familiar with the unique aspects of collecting from student renters. Well-versed in handling cosigner and guarantor situations.

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Vacation Rentals

Skilled at recovering debt from short-term rental properties. Experienced in navigating guest contracts and security deposits.

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The Advanced Approach

We believe that every client and every account is unique. That's why we take a customized approach to debt recovery, tailoring our strategies to fit the specific needs of each situation.

In-depth analysis of each account to determine the most effective recovery approach
Skip Tracing
Advanced skip tracing techniques to locate and contact debtors
Professional, courteous communication to negotiate payment arrangements
Comprehensive reporting and transparency to keep clients informed throughout the process
Strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations to protect our clients' interests

Proof of Our Excellence

Ongoing Clients

We're proud to serve over a thousand property management companies, landlords, and real estate owners. From small independent operators to large multi-property firms, we provide reliable, effective debt recovery.

25 Years
In Operation

For a quarter century, we've specialized in recovering residential rental debt. Our time-tested, ethical approach leverages deep industry expertise to get results while preserving tenant relationships.

Collected in Past Due Accounts

We have successfully recovered over 85 million dollars in delinquent rent, fees and damage charges for our clients. Our advanced skip tracing and persistent efforts maximize the funds returned to your business.

Why Choose Advanced?

  • Over 25 years of experience specializing in residential debt collection
  • Proven strategies to recover past-due accounts while maintaining tenant relationships
  • Certified professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional results
  • Advanced skip tracing technology to locate and contact debtors efficiently
  • Tailored approach to meet the unique needs of property managers and landlord
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Understanding Residential Debt Collection

Collecting debt in the residential sector presents unique challenges, such as high tenant turnover rates, difficulty locating former tenants, and the need to balance collection efforts with preserving relationships. These challenges can make it difficult for property managers and landlords to recover past-due accounts on their own.

At Advanced Collection Bureau, we understand these challenges and have developed proven strategies to overcome them. By working with a specialized debt collection agency like ours, you can ensure that your past-due accounts are handled efficiently and effectively.

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